Could you be a bee queen?

World Bee Day, this year on 20 May, was first celebrated in Slovenia, where they have a national Bee Queen and 1 person in every 200 keeps honeybees. We know bees are important. They pollinate 75% of the world’s leading agricultural crops, but are sadly becoming endangered through habitat loss, parasites and pesticides. How can you follow Slovenia’s lead and protect bees?

Everyone can help bees – even if they do not have a garden. Buying locally produced honey and talking about apiculture are great ways of supporting beekeepers and local hives. Planting nectar-bearing plants, even if you only have a small window box, is another great way of supporting your local bee population. This could be a great way for offices to make the most of their small outdoor areas.

If you have an area of grass, you can take part in No Mow May. This is a campaign to encourage gardeners and land managers to let their grasses grow. By not mowing lawns, wildflowers such as clover and buttercups have the chance to bloom and provide nectar for pollinators.

What else can you do for bees?

There are more than 270 species of bee in Great Britain and Ireland and most of these are solitary bees. These do not produce honey but they are invaluable pollinators. You might see these harmless insects making little nests in the ground or even crawling between gaps in your brickwork. As their name suggests, solitary bees live on their own, but they will choose to nest near other individuals. If you find your walls are buzzing with activity, try hanging some bee houses made of bamboo cane or drilled wood to provide your bees with a safe place to nest.

Although we have never choreographed a waggle dance to communicate our clients’ messages, we at Creative RSK are eager to help you promote the ways you are helping bees and other pollinators. If you have a project or campaign you want to share, go ahead and contact us.

As they say in Slovenia, “Naj medi (Let’s form honey)!”

Find out more about Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.