Give your text a haircut

Does your company take writing for granted? Some business managers baulk at the cost of hiring professional writers. They say that any fool can write marketing material and then spend days slaving over a simple press release trying to prove their point.

Good writing creates a positive impression with prospects and customers: it builds credibility and helps to supports sales efforts. Good writing, combined with high-quality design, can help a small company to emerge from the shadows cast by its larger competitors. A badly written brochure or website is like a terrible haircut: everyone can see there is a problem, but it needs specialist skills to fix it.

At RSK Creative, we focus on B2B communications for technology companies. Our writers know that the challenge is presenting technical business messages in a style that people find easy to read and comprehend. This is not the kind of writing you learn at school: it is a specialist skill that our writers have developed with experience. It means that they can ask the questions that your customers want to be answered.

Give your text the haircut it deserves.