Is it insta-worthy?

Photographs mean a lot to any design agency. RSK is no exception and uses some element of photography in almost all its projects. There are so many different reasons to use photography. Look at the huge dominance of Instagram, and the lengths people will go to for that perfect shot. On a recent walk up Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, I briefly accompanied a lady carrying her dog in a sling all the way to get the Instagram-worthy photo of the two of them at the top.

The path to capturing a colour image took over a century of continuous innovation, starting with Nicéphore Niépce, who, back in 1824, created the first photographic image after an exposure time of several days. Now, with iPhone’s live photo technology, we can even record what happened 1.5 seconds before and after we decided to capture that perfect moment – just in case it was not quite as perfect as we planned.

For this year’s World Photography Day on 19 August, we set ourselves a challenge over one week to take photographs on our personal mobile phones for our inaugural mobile photography competition. To be impartial, we commandeered the services of photographic judge Tony Baverstock ARPS to decide on the winner. Congratulations go to our designer Paul Darlington for his image of sea holly (Eryngiums maritimum) taken in Anglesey, Wales. Tony commented, “The picture is sharp; they have selected three thistles and the vignette treatment to the edges ensures that the eye concentrates on the main subject of the picture.”