AeroShell augmented reality engine

Attracting potential customers to an exhibition stand can be tough. AeroShell wanted to help its distributors to compete for footfall at international air shows and exhibitions. We suggested using augmented reality (AR).

The result was a stunning 3D printed, metallic coated turbine engine – specifically, a CFM56-7B, which was important for the technical message. When viewed through the bespoke AR app, the fan and turbine blades spin, and the user can select ‘x-ray’ and ‘disassemble’ functions to look inside the engine and see the benefits of using AeroShell Turbine Oil 560.

At its first outing, the AR feature was credited by the distributor with contributing to a 40% increase in leads during the exhibition compared to the previous year. It has since been modified and used on three continents.

Creating our first 3D print AR feature involved a steep learning curve. We have now established good relationships with new suppliers and are in a great position to deliver new 3D printed and/or AR assets.

ServicesInteractive graphics, 3D animation, Events, Brand strategy

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