AeroShell portfolio re-image (PRI)

Over many years, various product launches and marketing campaigns introduced a variety of packing and marketing-material designs to the AeroShell lubricants portfolio. The AeroShell team set out to transform this product portfolio and to help customers by simplifying the packaging and streamlining the number of products and pack sizes it offered while maintaining a comprehensive range. All the products took on a new bold, uniform and professional look.

Not all customers like change, especially when it comes to products they recognise and trust. Our job was to communicate the reasons for change and the many advantages. We helped to reassure AeroShell’s B2B customers and consumers that they would continue to get the same great products and to create a suite of new marketing materials.

The work included an “easier-with-AeroShell” communications campaign (emails, web content, teaser videos, etc.), transition materials, product family brochures, product sheets, animated promotional videos, internal and external email communications, and an e-toolkit for sales teams.

We also had the brochures translated into six languages and managed the printing and distribution.

ServicesCampaign, brand strategy, design, technical writing, print production, film, website, photography, events, presentations

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