EMGS 3D animation

EMGS wanted to highlight the benefits and diversity of its 3D electromagnetic (EM) surveying applications. However, much of the action occurs in total darkness on the seabed and in the subsurface, and involves the propagation of invisible EM energy. The answer was to create a short, web-hosted animation that tells the story of four key projects. Video and actual data deliverables were included to demonstrate the real-world nature of the benefits.

RSK worked with EMGS to identify projects highlighting the wide range of 3D EM applications that could be used in the public domain. Our aim was to keep the animation short and simple, focusing on customer benefits, while remaining as technically accurate as possible. Our technical understanding helped us to work efficiently with the EMGS team, who did not have to waste time with long explanations.

This work included producing a storyboard, writing and recording a voiceover, modelling equipment and environments, creating animations and producing the video.

Services3D animation, design, technical writing, events

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