Four-blade wind turbines!


Several years ago, an engineer responsible for the largest North Sea development in a decade asked us to remake an animation. Why? Because the structures emerged from the top down to the foundation. Artistic licence? Perhaps. But, to the engineers in charge, it was wrong to see topsides floating in space before their supporting structures had been installed; so wrong that they ditched the agency. Harsh, but good news for us.

It happens more often than you might think. Recently, we were brought in to remake an animation that, at one point, talks about the need for renewable power. It featured a globe with wind turbines sprouting from the surface … each with FOUR blades! Yes, we know a turbine can have any number of blades, but when did you ever see a modern, commercial turbine with more than three? We remade the animation with more typical turbines and took the opportunity to improve the overall storytelling and animation style.

We sit between marketers, who need to make strong claims, and scientists and engineers, who tend to be cautious and rightly insist on technical integrity. There are also legal teams to keep happy.

All our writers have science or engineering degrees. This helps us to work with our creative colleagues to make a splash while respecting technical accuracy.

Creativity is important, but not at the expense of technical accuracy. As this example shows, we can offer you both.

Ask us how we can work with you to create eye-catching technically accurate communications.

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