Growing food and friendships: A small celebration for Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day, an opportunity to contemplate how we interact with the natural environment. Support for local environmental initiatives doesn’t get any more local or down-to-earth than helping the allotment association in the village where RSK Communications is headquartered.

Ten years ago, the Tattenhall Allotments Association took over an unwanted corner of a wet field on the outskirts of their village and set about transforming it. The allotments provide habitats for wildlife and are a valuable community resource, but over recent years they have been underused. The Association wanted to raise its profile, so RSK Communications produced branding and an advertising campaign in print and digital formats.

The results have been excellent.

In January, 16 of the 44 plots on the site were vacant. By April, after the campaign, all of the plots were occupied and the committee had a waiting list of would-be allotmenteers. Last Saturday there were three more enquiries. Under the pandemic lockdown in the UK, people are allowed one period of exercise per day and many are using their allotments for this purpose.

“We’ve delivered all the things we set out to do at the beginning of the year,” said Mike Foster of the Tattenhall Allotments Association. “Having all of the plots full means that new starters can get advice and support and we can work together to buy things in bulk.”

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