Marketing on the move

You see them here, you see them there, RSK vans are everywhere

RSK Communication Services recently completed the livery design and branding work on RSK’s fleet of welfare units. The group has an extensive fleet of vehicles that are used in demanding work environments such as construction sites and utilities projects, and during highway and rail maintenance. Welfare vans are modified vehicles equipped with amenities that enable workers to have a comfortable and safe place to rest and eat while at their worksite. Such vans often incorporate hot-water facilities, a toilet cubicle and a cooking section with a separate sink.

To make the most of these mobile billboards, RSK wanted a clean, distinctive livery design that gave a feel for the breadth of services available within the group.

Meeting the challenge
Our team developed a clean, text-based solution that gave a clear indication of the range of RSK offerings and provided a strong link to corporate identity.

There were two main challenges for the project: one related to client expectations and the other to the mechanics of the production process. RSK has hundreds of different business lines offering a huge range of services. All have slightly different ideas on what makes a good design and how prominent their services ought to be. Our team worked hard on defining the best format and order for the services listed while trying to ensure that the widest range was shown.

The other challenge was in production. Upscaling from the screen-size design to the actual scale of print on each vehicle required careful planning, print production and liaison with the team responsible for adding the designs to the vans. Client feedback was strong and positive: “They look great!”

This project parallels the wildlife-themed designs that we produced for the ADAS fleet.

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