Supporting the Tattenhall Transition Village Initiative

The main office for RSK Communication Services is in Tattenhall, a leafy village on the Cheshire Plain in North West England. Tattenhall is a thriving village with a strong community spirit, so, when the residents wanted to promote a local initiative for greater sustainability and environmental resilience, we were happy to help.

The Tattenhall Transition Village Initiative will enable the local community to protect quality of life and plan for a future environment that is better and more sustainable for their children, grandchildren and generations beyond. The plan involves actions to ensure a better, kinder and more sustainable future. The Tattenhall Transition group has identified several key areas for change: taking action on climate change, aiming for carbon neutral, managing global economic uncertainty and developing personal and community resilience.

RSK Communication Services provided, on a pro-bono basis, branding support for the Tattenhall Transition Village Initiative and designed a range of promotional materials, including posters to help the group get their message out.

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