The right materials, quickly

Dr Liane Smith, a successful senior corporate executive and entrepreneur, established Larkton Ltd in 2019. She wanted a brand identity and digital presence that demonstrated her team’s professionalism, deep domain knowledge and renowned expertise. With business enquiries already coming in, time was of the essence.

Branding, website and video

We worked closely with Liane and her colleagues to select corporate colours and to develop a logo which reflects Larkton’s brand values and origin. The company is named after a local hill which was used as a lookout for potential threats, and opportunities, since at least the Iron Age.

To provide a professional website quickly, we populated an off-the-shelf template, modifying it to give Larkton a distinctive presence. We also created a short video for the website of Liane explaining the drive, experience and services behind Larkton.

ServicesTechnical writing, Proof reading, Editing, Sustainability

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