Visual communication for specialist offshore platform designs

Many of our clients want to help their customers visualise future developments or to understand the potential benefits in selecting a particular approach to a technical manufacturing or engineering challenge.

Acteon is a global marine energy and infrastructure services company that supports projects for the offshore renewable energy, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries. The company’s offshore engineering segment had developed a new design for minimum-facility, conductor-supported offshore platforms and wanted us to help explain how these would benefit its customers.

The aims of our video were to make a clear business case for conductor-supported platforms and to explain some of the technical aspects of their design. To do this, we created a detailed model of a platform, which would be the focus of the video, and helped to shape the story through a combination of video and 3D animation techniques. Subsequently, we created a project-specific version reusing digital assets from the original to show a project-specific conductor-supported platform installation for the project’s stakeholders.

You can see our original video on YouTube here or below.

Services3D animation, design, video editing, writing and storyboarding

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