Sustainability reporting with leverage

In the preface to our latest sustainability report, RSK Group CEO Alan Ryder reflects on our journey and current ability to provide transparent sustainability reporting with the services that can help our clients to eliminate negative environmental, economic and social impacts and thus improve their performance.

He says, “We have focused on embedding sustainable business practices within RSK. We have done this for the same reasons as our clients: to make contributions that our customers and others that we affect will value. We aim to eliminate our own negative environmental, economic and social impacts, and to leverage our expertise by doing the same for our clients. In a resource-constrained world, this is clearly the right thing to do.

“Recognising that transparency is an important driver of business sustainability, RSK offers reporting services to its clients and has undertaken to report on its own performance.”

Reporting is not just a requirement, but also a mirror that shows a company where it must improve. And stakeholders will want to see annual improvements, so transparent reporting drives positive actions.

We have major initiatives, inducing a partnership with the University of Basrah to train the next generation of engineers in Iraq. But my own experience as the manager of one of our 40 UK offices is smaller scale.

Walking the talk

Our desk-based jobs require a lot of tea drinking, but not enough to justify a per-person water use four times the national average!

We have known about this for a while, but reporting it publicly has made us act. The problem was identified as continuously flushing urinals which, for plumbing reasons that are beyond me, could not be easily adjusted. The solution has been to install a motion sensor that flushes the urinals 30 minutes after use. This system is reducing our water use and saving money.

Compared to supporting local content development in Iraq, water use in our office (on the wet west coast) is fairly trivial, but it neatly demonstrates how sustainability reporting helps to improve practices. And as the business unit which does the reporting for RSK and other companies, we ought to walk the talk!