Themes for TEAMS, an answer to awkward social calls

Let’s keep in touch. It was an admirable notion. Fifteen minutes a week of non-work banter to recreate the watercooler moments lost to remote working. But Chitty Chitty Chat Chat fizzled out. Attendance waned. Silences extended awkwardly.

But our second series of social calls is thriving thanks to a weekly theme.

It’s essentially a primary school show and tell. We appear in front of a backdrop representing, for example, our favourite album cover, and take turns talking about our choice.

The optional call is popular, as it is a fun, non-work interlude and gives us an intriguing insight into our colleagues’ lives.

Get in touch to find out more about our #technicalmarketing team and how we maintain morale while WFH. Indeed, some of us like our cosy home offices so much that we’re making WFH the new norm, even beyond the pandemic.

Last week’s theme was favourite quotes, the results of which we’ll share in a second post.