Using interactivity to personalise the content journey

How do you bring a large catalogue of technical data to life? How do you help customers get to the relevant content quickly? Interactivity, that is how. Modern brochures tend to be interactive PDFs (iPDF) and other digital formats that let you jump quickly to the information you need and link seamlessly to supporting external materials.

Shell Lubricants supplies oils and greases to companies whose operations range from Arctic mining to harvesting on tropical plantations. In fact, it is the world’s number-one lubricants supplier.* It wanted to help its sales teams to recommend the right products consistently and to encourage up- and cross-selling across all its industry sectors. Its challenge was to provide information about thousands of products for a very diverse range of equipment and components. It needed sales tools that would take users quickly from machine types to lubricant recommendations without wading through pages of technical data.

We worked with Shell Lubricants to find a solution and decided that interactivity was the key.

Our team created an iPDF for seven industry sectors. This transformed a product-heavy catalogue into an efficient, user-friendly tool enabling the sales teams to navigate quickly to the relevant information for a customer-centric experience.

We created attractive, interactive visuals from 3D models and used them to enhance the user experience. For example, rolling your cursor over or touching parts of the excavator in the construction industry iPDF brings up detailed illustrations of its lubricated components.

Selecting one of these components, for instance, the swing bearing, takes you to the relevant entry-, main- and premium-level products. The user dictates their journey, which makes it engaging, easy to navigate and highly customised. Text-light content means that the iPDFs can easily be localised.

The advantage of using 3D models instead of photographs or 2D illustrations is that we can easily manipulate them to, for example, change their colour, perspective or the way they are lit. These digital assets are then available for other uses such as animations.

Each of the seven iPDFs was supported by more traditional sales aids, including a

  • distributor sales representative cross-selling guide
  • four-page brochure
  • six-page folder
  • PowerPoint sales presenter.

RSK Communication Services produced a “go-to guide” to help the sales team consistently recommend the right products to their customers. We did this by creating an engaging document that captured all the information and by making it interactive so that users could quickly access the information relevant to them.

*Source: Kline & Company, Competitive intelligence for the global lubricants industry, 2008–2018