Whether you are starting up a business or are already well established, branding is what gives you ownership of your company. It tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. We all know that first impressions are important; your brand is no different. In showing that you understand and share your customers’ values, you make emotional connections, thereby gaining their loyalty and trust.

Branding goes further than a memorable logo. Have you thought about fonts, the colour palette, design icons and straplines too? All these aspects need careful consideration by a designer to keep your brand identity consistent and impactful.

So, what makes effective branding? The main challenge is understanding your business. Are you more formal and corporate, or laid back? What is the demographic of your customers? How will the branding work consistently across all materials, from web banners to pens, corporate stationary to your webpage?

Now you have your brand, do you have a style guide for agencies to follow when applying it?

So, whether you need to refresh your current branding or create something new, give us a call.

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