Sustainability communication services

RSK Communication Services helps businesses to realise value from sustainability reporting.


RSK Communication Services offers a comprehensive range of sustainability communication and reporting services. Our team combines subject matter expertise in sustainability and a wide range of business disciplines with writing and design skills that some of the best-known companies in the world value.

As part of the UK’s largest privately owned multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, RSK Group Ltd, we have access to in-house sustainability practitioners and work with them to help businesses to develop sustainability strategies that are underpinned by informative and credible reporting.

For those already reporting their progress towards becoming more sustainable businesses, RSK companies provide a range of remediation, mitigation and prevention services that turn their strategies into measurable improvements over the reporting cycle.

Sustainability and subject matter expertise with writing and design skills


For more than 10 years, RSK Communication Services has been helping customers around the world to describe the social, environmental and economic impacts and performance of their businesses.

Our sustainability communication consultants recognise the importance of their work in minimising their clients’ business and reputational risks and driving improvements in business sustainability. Accurate and transparent disclosures that stand up to scrutiny are their currency.

Whether you are starting out on the sustainability journey or are a seasoned professional, RSK Communication Services offers a painless end-to-end reporting process.

Sustainability reporting

RSK Communication Services helps its clients to produce reports that meet their business needs.

Our sustainability communication consultants can help clients to identify areas where sustainability reporting can contribute most effectively to their businesses. We offer an opportunity identification programme to clients that want a comprehensive benchmark on which to build: the programme evaluates the business context, stakeholders and issues, and their current level of sustainability communications.

RSK Communication Services can develop sustainability communication strategies, identify or develop appropriate reporting frameworks, and create high-quality and informative report content. As a full-service design agency, we can also create engaging graphics, illustrations and designs, and deliver content through a variety of channels. The use of print and digital media, including interactive documents and web interfaces, is optimised to reach specific stakeholders effectively.

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Whatever approach is taken, we communicate sustainability topics in ways that engage audiences and resonate with them because we speak clearly, honestly and with authority to their concerns.

Integrated sustainability solutions: Beyond reporting

RSK Group Ltd includes companies that offer social and environmental baselining and impact assessment services that can all help to define sustainability report content. Other group companies can capture or validate sustainability performance indicators to deliver robust report data, for example, by performing carbon footprinting or energy audits. RSK Communication Services can draw on these resources to deliver unrivalled reporting capabilities.

RSK group companies also offer a comprehensive range of impact assessment, remediation, mitigation and prevention services that help businesses to become more sustainable. All of these are science based and delivered by qualified and experienced consultants.

RSK offers integrated sustainability solutions that helps clients to act on the key outcomes of a sustainability report to improve business sustainability and that can be reported on during subsequent reporting cycles.

RSK’s integrated approach to improving business sustainability helps clients to demonstrate long-term commitment to addressing stakeholders’ issues that goes far beyond piecemeal reporting or remediation initiatives.


The RSK Communication Services team was established more than 30 years ago as a specialist communication agency serving the upstream oil and gas industry. Our first customer was Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company and its largest customer is Shell. Today, we have clients in the energy, chemical, infrastructure, construction, utilities and defence sectors.

We have delivered sustainability-related communication services ranging from short features and case studies to developing and implementing a comprehensive sustainability reporting methodology.


Dominic Haughton

Dominic is a communications consultant with extensive experience of delivering compelling communication strategies and materials, including technical and marketing communications, and sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting, for clients that include the world’s leading oilfield service companies and operators.

Jack Lloyd

Jack joined RSK in 2017 and has a master’s degree in sustainability and social innovation. He can help businesses to put reliable reporting practices in place and to articulate and communicate their sustainability vision, strategy and performance effectively.

The team

A team of more than 20 writers, editors, illustrators, artists, designers, web developers, project managers and administration staff supports the RSK Communication Services sustainability reporting professionals. All are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, most-compelling communications material available to customers in RSK’s business sectors.


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